TFS Socialites Storm Miami!

Miami was amazing!! Well of course it was, duh. But seriously being a part of The Flaunt Shop family has been one of the greatest years of my life. Not only have I had some amazing experiences (ahem, Vegas and buying for the store in Georgia) but I’ve met some incredible people and learned a lot about myself. To put it in simpler terms; I’ve grown into myself and I can honestly say I’m really proud of the person I’m becoming.

OK I’m done being sappy. 

Let’s get down to the exciting stuff!

First, our accommodations in Miami were phenomenal, but then again were you expecting anything less for us TFS Socialites?

Absolutely not. 

The Sagamore is not only the epitome of luxury but it is beautifully decorated, The rooms were gorgeous, the halls were gorgeous, even the lobby was beautiful! Outside was even better; complete with a huge pool and spa area that also backs right up to South Beach, it was heaven. I mean I basically wanted to move in and never leave.

064 057 068

During the day we stuck to the TFS mantra, work hard, play hard and we had our meetings and photo shoots but with a backdrop like South Beach who could complain?


This Socialite runs on Redbull and Starbies. 

While I myself did not model during the day, I did manage to get the rest of my Socialite duties done in the mornings like updating the blog page, TFS Confessionsrunning a few errands, and managing our Pinterest page. Once the sun set we hit the town! Dinners at the best restaurants in SoBe and dessert at my favorite South Florida chocolatier Kilwins but my favorite adventure was by far on our last night, drinks at The Delano!

049051 085 087 090 095

It felt like a dream!

After digging through TONS of pictures I decided to share my absolute favorite outfit from this trip and while it was incredibly hard to choose just one I decided to go with my drinks at the Delano outfit which just screams, well, luxury of course.

photo (27)


For our final night on the town I decided to break out my first and what I’m sure won’t be my last bandage dress the Kim Dress of course from The Flaunt Shop and pair it with a statement necklace from Purple Peridot of course this was the only jewelry I wore with this dress because well look at it! For shoes I again went minimal and chose a pair of black and gold heels which were surprisingly easy to walk in, but then again that could have been the champagne.

Needless to say this trip was the trip of a lifetime like all of my trips with The Flaunt Shop have been and I absolutely cannot wait for the next one!

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a TFS Socialite? Email me for an application!



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