Baby’s First Cleanse With OnJuice!

onjuice cleanse juices

I’ve always been a bit leery about attempting a juice cleanse because the whole notion sounds a bit ridiculous to me. How can one tolerate drinking juice all day? Doesn’t it get boring or monotonous?

Plot twist, it doesn’t. 

Before we get ahead of ourselves here, let me back up to my pre-Miami trip with The Flaunt Shop. Being a SoFla resident of nearly 7 years and barely surviving Miami during college, I knew that the work week directly following my return to real life would be brutal and that I would absolutely, positively, need at least a weekend to regroup and get back to me. Trolling through my recent follows on Twitter, I found a fresh cold pressed juice provider locally!

Local is always better.

OnJuice is a small company based out of Boca Raton, FL that specializes in cold pressed juices. If you got a dilemma, they’ve got a juice or a cleanse to get you out of it. On Thursday, my box of juices arrived and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to make a lifestyle change. By Friday, I was buzzing with anticipation and on Saturday morning I found myself making the recommended cup of hot water to kick start my cleanse.

I have the patience of an adolescent, I know. 

After my hot water, I decided to answer a few emails and after about 30 minutes I dove right in with my first juice, Sublime.

onjuice cleanse 1

Being that I have an affinity for green smoothies, I loved the taste of this juice. On the other hand I wasn’t a fan of the very strong veggie smell but like I said, I’m basically a child who isn’t a big fan of veggies. Once I realized that I am indeed a woman in her mid-twenties and got over the smell of fresh kale, I found myself downing this juice.

OK, fine I was pretty much chugging it. 

In the manual that comes along with your juices, it states that you should have a juice every two hours; at first I thought, “there is no way I’m not going to be starving after one hour”, but like the manual suggested, I did things to keep me busy. I started out by walking the dogs then got a few work things done and before I knew it it was time for juice number 2, Pina-Kale-Lotta.

onjuice cleanse 2

OK let me tell you about PKL. If I could drink this all day everyday I would. It is absolutely delicious. I didn’t even taste the kale! It was incredibly delicious. I can’t even deal. After my PKL, I decided to watch a movie and again, I felt like the two hours between juices flew by! Eager to try this next drink I cracked it open and with the first sip I felt like I had crunched into a handful of celery!


Now, if you aren’t a big fan of celery I don’t recommend Upskale. It reminded me of salted fresh celery which thankfully, is one of my favorite healthy snacks. Unlike the others I took my time with this drink; I found myself unable to totally down this juice. Which was actually kind of perfect and made a bit of sense. Really you shouldn’t be chugging all 5 juices….I’m pretty sure that defeats the purpose….


After my Upskale I had the Lemon Aid which I opened and took a big swig of before reading the ingredients.

onjuice cleanse 3

Lemon, purified water, etc, etc, oh and cayenne pepper! For me this wasn’t uncomfortable because I do sometimes add a dash of cayenne to my morning hot lemon water, for a bit of a kick. Plus cayenne and spicy foods help to speed up your metabolism!

Also, delicious. 

Unfortunately this was the last of my juices for the day and I didn’t get to juice number 5, The Roots, but I’m hoping that since I work during the week and therefore am awake a bit earlier than on the weekend, I’ll get to try this brightly colored concoction!

Naturally, I’ll have a post cleanse blog for your enjoyment/entertainment the same time next week but until then check out OnJuice online!

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