The Tipsy Arnold Palmer

tfs confessions


Doesn’t an Arnold Palmer just scream summer?!

In case you’ve never had this delicious concoction, an Arnold Palmer is the absolutely beautiful love child of iced tea and lemonade, but don’t get me wrong; sometimes it can come out very very badly. Too much of either of these ingredients and you might as well just throw yourself off a cliff now.

It’s that bad. 

I’ve been in a seasonal love affair with Sir Arnold since middle school but once I hit my drinking years I took on a lover, the Tipsy Arnold. He’s the bad boy brother of the original AP that makes you want to waste your day slathered in tanning oil by the nearest pool, ocean, canal, whatever doing absolutely nothing.

It’s beautiful.

Whipping up a batch of Tipsy Arnold’s is so simple it’s sick. First, you need the two main ingredients; iced tea and lemonade. How you…

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