Get Pearly Whites At Home!

tfs confessions


We all want whiter teeth. Right?

Right! Between the amount of red wine and coffee I drink daily, whitening regiments are essential. I’ve tried it all; from trays to pens to those weird little lights and strips. If it’s out there, I’ve done it. While I do love strips and they are effective, I have often times wondered what are some home remedies? Naturally I turned to Pinterest and to be honest, some of the at home techniques were terrifying. Peroxide? Lemon juice? Charcoal? That all sounds a bit harsh!

Whitening should not be that scary!

Getting whiter teeth at home is simple and really it comes down to one simple ingredient. Baking soda. Yes, baking soda! It’s probably in the back of your fridge soaking up the weird stenches and most likely it’s been there for quite sometime. Before you pull that box out stop and go get a…

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