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stylehunterSpa June 21

Last week we discussed how our nail polish can express our moods; sometimes we just need to wear a bit of Wicked and blast a little vintage Blink 182.

Ah to be young again….

Excuse my day dreaming, but this week I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. In high school when I wasn’t wearing my standard French manicure, my nails were always painted a shade of magenta.

It was my signature if you will.

In the spirit of resurrecting just the tiniest bit of vintage J, I opted for a magenta Essie this week and can I just say, Style Hunter by Essie is absolute perfection. While colors of the season are fun, it’s important to remember which colors look the best on you and embrace them! It works the same way when it comes to fashion trends. For example, Jelly sandals and overalls appear to be making a comeback…

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