Gluten Free Snacking With Brazi Bites!

I’m a big snacker; with that being said I try to snack on things that are as healthy as possible. Lower calories, lower sodium, lower everything is the key to my snack-iness.

Like happiness….get it?

I had the opportunity this weekend to test out a new snack food called Brazi Bites and let me just tell you I was pleasantly surprised! These heavenly cheesy bread bites are not only delicious, but they’re gluten free too!! Personally, I don’t live a GF lifestyle but having so many people around me that suffer from Celiac’s has made me curious about just how many snack foods are out there that are not only GF, but taste good too.

Brazi Bites are little doughy puffs of heaven made with love by angels. Ok, maybe they aren’t but that’s what they taste like! Available in three varieties (left to right): bacon, plain cheese, and jalapeno for that little extra kick; each one is equally delicious, trust me. When these three options arrived at my doorstep, I was almost certain I would love the bacon kind the most…..things quickly changed.

Brazi Bites


I preheated my oven to 400 and placed two of each kind on a parchment paper covered cookie sheet.

046 047

I impatiently waited 20 minutes while my Brazi Bites baked although I do have to admit that I did peek in once or five times. After 20 minutes, I removed my bites from the oven and I have to say I was a bit apprehensive.


They looked like bread meatballs but harder.

Cautiously, I bit into a cheese bite and much to my surprise it wasn’t hard at all! The outside was more of a flaky crust than the rock hard exterior I was expecting and the inside was light and fluffy with a hint of cheesiness.


It was perfection. 

I’ve basically been eating Brazi Bites everyday for like four days straight. I’m not even ashamed! They’re delicious and I am just absolutely dreading the day I run out. Before you race over to your local Whole Foods check their website and make sure Brazi Bites are available at your WF and if they aren’t…well…my condolences.



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