Make Your Own Google Chrome Theme!

I shared my new Google Chrome theme a few weeks ago and in case you missed it, well its absolutely gorge. Obsess with me.lobstah Ok. So last weekend I found myself absolutely fed up with my computer theme, specifically my Google Chrome theme. Naturally, I wanted a Lilly Pulitzer Google Chrome theme but much to my dismay there were only two available and obviously I’ve already used both. DUH. I thought to myself….there has to be a better way!

I mean….it’s 2014! COME ON!

Of course I googled. Much to my delight there was in fact an app for that! So here’s a step by step instructional guide to Lilly-ing out your computer. First, open up Google Chrome. If you aren’t using Chrome, what are you using? Safari? Firefox? Internet Explorer?

Are you also stuck in 2006?


If you don’t have Chrome download it. After you have it, open it, and look in the top right hand corner for these three bars, click them and then click settings.


In settings, click on get themes.


This will open up the Chrome web store. Here’s where the fun begins! In the search box on the left hand side of your screen type in “My Chrome Theme”. Click on the very first option!


Click the blue “free” button next to it to install.

Once installed, it should open immediately but if it doesn’t, click on the “Apps” button on the top left hand corner of your screen:


Once there you should see your new app!

chrome theme

Click your icon to open it!

Follow the onscreen steps to create your new theme!


Here’s my new Lilly Chrome theme! What’s yours look like?!

Until next time….



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