What App Is That?

I love apps. LOVE THEM. Apps help me do everything. I can quickly calculate the total cost of 4 online shopping carts, check my bank account to see if I can afford said shopping carts, and see if anywhere else is selling any of my items at a cheaper price. Not only do apps enhance my shopping experience, but they help me share just about every aspect of my daily life with all of my followers. From Twitter to Tumblr and Pinterest and Instagram I’m on there and I’m sharing. Today I’m giving you a little peek at how I do what I do on the go.

You asked and so I’m answering; “What app is that?”

First, let’s take a look at my iPhone home screen:


Lilly background are you even surprised?

On this page we have the basics, ESPN, email, Pinterest, weather, etc.

But lets dive deeper.


photo 3

In my music category I have the usual iTunes radio and Apple music apps; but I also have Shazam, Pandora, and Spotify. When I want a little variety I go with Pandora, but when I want MY MUSIC I go with Spotify. Personally, I don’t think I’ve used Pandora in months. Yes, you still get a certain amount of skips, but here’s my secret: double click the home button and swipe up to close Spotify when you run out of skips and then reopen it.Voila! A brand new set of skips! Plus, your playlist automatically syncs and updates to your desktop app. I know right?! Don’t know the name of the song you want? Shazam it! Open this app click the button on the screen, hold your phone next to the music source, and wait. Up pops your mystery song! So clutch. Also included in this section is my White Noise app; I can’t sleep without it and it is crucial to me getting those essential 8 hours of sleep. Sleep keeps you young so spring for the full version! I believe its like $2 which is cheaper than botox so get on it!

Make It Pretty

photo 2

My next favorite group of apps are the ones that keep my life colorful; the “Make It Pretty” section. In here I have my monogramming, lockscreen, meme makers, and general picture beautifying apps. These include WallAboutYou, Monogram, Stationary, A Beautiful Mess, and Snapster. Each of these apps are either free or do have a free version. I believe in living colorfully and how can you be annoyed by a phone call when your lockscreen looks like this?

082092 083108

Nothing makes Lilly better quite like a monogram right?


photo 1

Next up, we have my minions group. The group of apps that either provide mindless entertainment or help me do what I do when I’m running from Starbucks to Target, Minions. In here I have my wordpress and bloglovin apps for writing on the go, Polyvore, Wanelo, and Moodyo for outfit and shopping inspo, groupme for chatting with my perfectly flawless KMSS family, Tumblr, Snapchat, and Tinder for mindless entertainment. This group fluctuates; sometimes I delete a few because I’ve gotten bored with them and sometimes I add a new one.

Minions are disposable, aren’t they?

Apps are useful some days I use each one several times while there are other apps that I haven’t even opened since the day I hit the install button. I know I only talked about the first page of apps and I absolutely have about 30 more installed but that’s the key to apps, organization. Keep your games with your games and your Instagram apps all together. You don’t want to take a really amazing picture of your sashimi, sake, and edamame dinner only to spend 10 minutes searching for your Picstitch app to group them all together in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

As my baby little Chlo would say:

That’s not very Versace of you.

Until next time…



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