I’d Go Out But ______Is On Tv Tonight.

Meet my BFF.lg-tv

I love television. It’s great. It’s always there for you after a long day at work with a new trainwreck, laugh, or drama to unwind with.

So what am I watching?

I’ve had so many of yall ask me this question and let me put it this way, if its on TV I’m probably watching it. I know, I know, that’s too much of a general answer so here’s a full list!

The Classics

  • Friends reruns–If I can’t find something on it’s on. Trust me, just scroll through your guide! It’s on somewhere!
  • Sex and the City reruns–see above


  • Anything by Shonda Rhimes–which ones? Don’t worry I’m getting to that but if you haven’t seen this weeks Grey’s Anatomy stop reading now, go watch it, and then come back. PS: Scandal I miss you.
  • The Blacklist–This show is so underrated it’s sick. NBC. GO.
  • SVU–Notice how I didn’t even add the Law & Order part. We all know what I mean when I say SVU. PS: I miss you Stabler.
  • Once Upon A Time–Fairytale characters AND drama? Sign me up.
  • PLL–Yes I am that girl that obsesses over Ali and the liars but have you seen their clothes? Also I did read the books so there’s that.
  • The Vampire Diaries–The Salvatore brothers….have mercy.
  • The Originals–Klaus is just swoon worthy, I mean those baby blues and a British accent. Goodness.
  • Devious Maids–also a tad hilarious
  • Dallas–The Ewing boys. Good gracious.


  • How I Met Your Mother–I know I’m super late to the party but I’m at season 6 on Netflix and it is indeed Legen (wait for it) dary.
  • Modern Family–Phil Dunphy is my soulmate.
  • Suburgatory– Dahlia Oprah Royce is everything and I think Dallas is my spirit animal.
  • The Carrie Diaries–Carrie Bradshaw pre-SATC

Reality TV

  • Anything produced by Andy Cohen on Bravo–Seriously anything. From Real Housewives to a little Southern Charm and People’s Couch I love it all. Also can I be a Real Housewife now?
  • 16 and Pregnant–I call it the car crash effect. It’s too bad to look away.
  • The Teen Mom franchise–I miss Macy and Bentley.
  • Catfish–It’s so intense I can’t not watch it.
  • Chrisley Knows Best–Cutest family ever? Possibly
  • Giuliana and Bill–Stop moving networks G and B. Also go Google baby Duke Rancic, he is precious.

Nerd is the word

  • Jeopardy–The amount of questions I get right nightly is astonishing.
  • Agents of Shield–Marvel over everything
  • Mysteries at the Museum–Absolutely fascinating. It comes on the travel channel.
  •  Any documentary on the Military or History channels.

I’m sure I missed some but as you can see I like a variety of  TV shows, I get a bit girly every now and then but I also fully nerd out on a daily basis. Now that I’ve told you what I watch, let’s get to the important part. Grey’s Anatomy. I mean I can’t. I don’t even…

Let’s discuss.


OK, first of all I’m not even prepared for Yang’s final episode; not by a long shot. Burke came back last week and gave her a hospital. A HOSPITAL. I can’t even get a guy to return my text messages and he gives her a hospital. Can’t. So this week was basically the aftermath. In true Shonda fashion, the entire episode I thought I had everything figured out. Bailey would get in trouble for injecting that kid with HIV (how annoying are that kids parents btw?), Yang would take the hospital job and leave blah blah blah, while Meredith and Derek (MerDer) would continue their life as usual. But that’s not even close to what happened. INSTEAD Stephanie (Avery’s ex who I also can’t stand) took the fall for Bailey and now MerDer is potentially moving to DC?! I can’t even. NO. I refuse to accept this. Tell me someone else feels this way?




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