Spotlight Sunday–LuELs Decor

I rarely wear bangle style bracelets for the simple reason that I have baby wrists/arms when I say tiny I mean like 4 inches tiny. Getting a new watch is a nightmare so I had all but wrote off ever creating that perfect watch bangle stack, that is until I was introduced to LuELs Decor. These custom made bangles are my new obsession and because they are handmade by owner Laura Owens herself, each bangle is guaranteed to fit perfectly. Not to mention they’re absolutely stunning. Dying to see the bangles I snagged?

Bangles by LuELs

Gorgeous, aren’t they?

In addition to the Ellie bangle in turquoise, pink, and white, I had to have the Lucille gold and pearl bangle because hello pearls! In addition to creating the most perfectly stackable bangles, LuELs also ships incredibly fast from my hometown of Richmond, VA!

Don’t the best things come from Virginia?

This is not a time to hesitate kittens, break out the credit card and check out LuELs Decor NOW!

Website– Shop LuELs Decor

Twitter–Follow LuELs Decor on Twitter

Instagram–Follow LuELs Decor on Instagram




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