Rue The Day–Jack Rogers Are Rarely On Rue….Right?

I’m something of a Jack Rogers addict. I’m currently on the hunt for a neutral pair of Georgicas or a platinum pair of the classic Navajos or a monogrammed pair or to just move into a store and use it as my personal shoe closet but we’re getting off topic here so let’s pause and regroup.

I just really love Jack Rogers, okay?!

Anyway, currently I have two pairs of Jacks, a pink paisley pair and a solid brown with gold trim pair. Seen below, both were under $80


Actually the brown pair I got for $0 but I’ll get to that tomorrow.

Now, Jacks are on RueLaLa at least once a week. How? Where? Here’s a secret….Look for shoes or sandals boutiques. Anytime you see a boutique for sandals or shoes I can almost guarantee you will find at least two pairs of Jack Rogers hidden in there. Guess what boutique just opened up?! 400 sandal steals! But more importantly….There are Jacks in there! I KNOW! Remember that if they’re sold out you can always use that handy “Still Want It?” tool we discussed yesterday. I know you’re just dying to see today’s four faves so let’s get down to it.

j spin al jr

First are these beautiful pair of floral Navajo Jack Rogers retail price $110 on Rue for $69.90. Next, I again of course fell in love with a pair of Jacks but this time it’s the navy Spinnacker sandal that stole my heart, so classically beautiful and only $84.90 as opposed to $158 it’s a must have staple shoe. While I’m not usually a heeled sandal kind of girl, I personally prefer a good 5 inch wedge in the summer time, I couldn’t take my eyes off of these Alberto Fermani Leather heeled sandals and for over 50% less than retail?! Yes please. Now let me preface this last choice by saying I was trying to pick something other than Jack Rogers but LOOK AT THESE SHOES. Tell me you didn’t just fall in love too. These Key West mid wedge leather sandals are in stores for $148 and on Rue for $69.90 where would you rather get yours?

Happy Rue-ing



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