Rue The Day–Need It. Still Want It. Got It.

Before we dive into the perfection that is today’s boutiques on RueLaLa let’s discuss the golden ticket, the best thing since sliced bread, the “Still Want It?” button. Sometimes in life we miss out on the good things and never get the chance to experience them again; this is not the case in Rue world. Let’s say you miss out on this adorable pink handbag/clutch:


Rare I know, but just follow me here. Say you missed it and it’s now sporting that awful black sold out sticker.


Tres tragic right?

But what’s that in smaller print under sold out?

“Still Want It?”

Click it, click on submit request, and then pray to the fashion gods. I mean really….PRAYIf you’re lucky, which I have been several times, you’ll get that email, the golden ticket I alluded to earlier: “your still want it item has been secured and is now on it’s way to you.” Beautiful isn’t it? Whoever said you can’t always get what you want, has obviously never shopped RueLaLa.

Now that you know how to get what’s gone, let’s peek into today’s boutiques! On Rue today is Stuart Weitzman, aviator sunglasses, BCBGMAXAZRIA, and Power Dressing–Women’s Office Essentials. Here are my four faves of the day:

av sw card bcbg

The first item is a pair of AJ Morgan aviators that are absolutely perfect for spring days and an essential for summer beach days. These beauties retail for $24 but are on Rue for just $15.90. Next up are these beautiful Stuart Weitzman wedges, for $100 less than retail, pair them with skinnies or a sundress and you are out the door! Aren’t neutral wedges just so essential? In the Power Dressing boutique I found this vibrant cardigan by Cullen that is sure to keep you toasty and stylish while you climb the corporate ladder. Retailing at $143 you can snag yours for only $69.90! Finally, I had to take a peek in the BCBGMAXAZRIA boutique. HAD TO. Inside I stumbled across an orange tunic top that looks so comfortable I just want to live in it. But oh no it’s sold out and you really love it! Good thing I just told you about the “Still Want It” option right? Happy Rue-ing



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