A Lady And Her Pearls

Ah pearls. You can never go wrong with a good strand of pearls. They go with everything, they instantly add an air of elegance, and they are of course a staple and must have for every girl. Not only is it important to have a single strand pearl necklace and bracelet, but having a few pairs of pearl earrings are mandatory. You need a cheap pair for those drunken festive occasions and then you need those quality pearl earrings. The pair that if you lost one heads would rollSo where can you get the perfect set of pearls?


Waccamaw Pearls! 

I came across Waccamaw Pearls about a month ago and it was honestly love at first sight. I mean, have you ever just looked at a gorgeous piece of jewelry and fell head over heels? I did the minute I saw this beauty:


I needed it. I needed it all.

A few days later, yes days (gotta love fast shipping right?), my birthday pearls arrived and they were even more beautiful in person.


Just gorgeous. 

I got the Sometimes It’s Nice To Be Single necklace with the Put a Pearl On It enhancer, the Pretty Lil’ Thing single strand bracelet, a pair of Jane pearl earrings, and a pair of the Emma pearls earrings too. You’ve got to have a large pair too right?! RIGHT. I’ve only had my pearls for a few days but I’ve actually managed to wear something from my collection everyday, I’m obsessed!

 119 126 127

Are you obsessing? I am. 

The one item I didn’t get from Waccamaw Pearls that their absolutely gorgeous pearl headband. Yes you heard me right, a pearl headband. 


Have you ever asked yourself  “what would Blair Waldorf do?” Well Miss Blair would get this headband, that’s what she would do. But being the person that I am, I decided to partner up with the ladies at Waccamaw Pearls and give you the chance to win one.


So how can you enter? When does it open?

The giveaway for this beauty valued at $30, is open RIGHT NOW! Enter under the Waccamaw Pearl Headband Giveaway tab, click on the link, and complete the giveaway tasks for your chance to win! This giveaway closes Thursday April 17th at midnight so get moving! Until then check out Waccamaw Pearls online!

Website– Shop Waccamaw Pearls

Twitter–Follow Waccamaw Pearls on Twitter

Instagram–Follow Waccamaw Pearls on Instagram

Facebook–Like Waccamaw Pearls on Facebook


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