Spotlight Sunday–Sew Southern Apparel

I am so proud of the business I am featuring today for two reasons. The first is well, it’s run by one of my brand new KMSS sisters Cooper Parker and the second is because she is ridiculously talented. Running Sew Southern Apparel out of her house, Cooper is able to balance her business, school, and of course her KMSS duties all while creating gorgeous pocket tees, pocket sweatshirts, scarves, toddler clothes, and just in time for summer, custom made bandeau bikini tops. Did I mention she taught herself to sew? She is one talented high school senior! So how did I find her? Well way before we became sisters, I decided I wanted to get the jump on my annual search for a perfectly patriotic bikini. Now it is incredibly hard for me to find a strapless top because I am a pretty petite girl in every sense of the word and to be honest, I usually try on about 30 strapless tops before I find one that doesn’t slip down when I breathe. That is until I stumbled across Sew Southern Apparel on Instagram. “Custom Made” are probably my two favorite words ever. Hastily I emailed Cooper to see just what she meant. After sending off my measurements and a few days, I held in my hands this beauty:



Isn’t it just gorgeous?

The perfect amount of fabric, a snug fit, and no ladies its not even see through! I am in love! Like I said, I do this patriotic bikini hunt annually, pre-Memorial day and July 4th of course, so naturally I had the perfect pair of bottoms to go with my brand new American flag bandeau top and just last weekend I pulled them both out for a pool day.

photo (19)

Go custom. Go America.


Website– Shop Sew Southern Apparel

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