Spotlight Sunday–Purple Peridot

I love accessories. More specifically I love jewelry. Baubles, bling, gold, silver, statement, layering, you name it I probably have it and you better believe it came from Purple Peridot. Purple Peridot is my go to for all things jewelry; from classic pieces like pearls to statement pieces like the beauties in my collection, if you can think it up they have it and the best part? Shipping is only 0.99


So what are my favorites from my Purple Peridot collection?

181073  004

Easily these two. I mean just look at them!

Which pieces am I adding?

                     photo 1 photo 2 photo_2__11993.1390755490.451.416

A girl’s gotta have her pearls right?

Are you in love? Start building your Purple Peridot collection today!

Quality jewels at a great price and low shipping? YES PLEASE!

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