True Life: I’m Addicted To Jack Rogers

Happiness comes in a turquoise and yellow box.


Well, at least my happiness does!

Taking the lid off and unwrapping a brand new pair of Jack Rogers is enough to make any girl swoon! My love affair with Jack Rogers or Jacks as they’re so lovingly referred to started a bit late in life, my senior year of college. I lusted after them. Determined to save up and buy myself my own pair by the end of the summer I found myself putting in extra hours at work and turning downtown, it was a serious situation. I needed a pair of Jacks like I needed air. Finally I had saved enough and I bought them. If you’re an avid online shopper you know the feeling you get after you purchase something online. scott-pilgrim-wednesday

 I needed them NOW. 

Finally they arrived and as I tore open the boring brown box, I found myself staring at it, that turquoise lid was calling out to me: open me! As angels started to sing I lifted the lid and instantly fell in love.

074 076 071

I’m pretty sure I wore them for 2 weeks straight, no big deal.

It’s been a while since purchasing my very first pair, but once again I’m on the hunt! I must have another pair, they’re my go to shoes! I wear them with everything! While I was scrolling through my Facebook feed last week, I came across this little flyer:


YES! Why buy a pair of Jacks when I could potentially win a FREE pair?! Feeling lucky?


This giveaway ends on March 14th, so hurry!

Naturally after I filled out my entry I did what I always do, look at pictures of my favorite pairs. Of course I’ll share them here!

ad37d47279476e82fb69022e7991f7ef 48d5f85028b18ffb5a316360c35ee1f3 028cd2fb4758505708a213c39324c085 3cd7756a05c1a94d161529545d1b85d8 6e97000d9521f6df818ab4bce4cdd2fb a0393616df4b4fd4258d3883a1290e4f e39e2a5c8d687f9496e19dfae97f6bcbJR-Palm_Beach_white_angle_40

Aren’t they just breathtaking? So what are you waiting for?! Head over to the Jack Rogers Facebook page and enter for your chance to win a pair of Jacks for you and a pair of Chubbies for your man!


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