Closet Staple Pieces


The perfect closet, we all want it but how do we get it?

There are a few items in my closet that I consider “staple pieces”, these are items that I believe every girl should have and items that can be used in various outfits. Remember trends come and go but staple pieces are forever kittens.

First up: the LBD, Little Black Dress. You can of course find these anywhere but when purchasing staple pieces you must remember to shop for pieces that fit your style and body type. Just because Karlie Kloss wears it doesn’t mean you should. Here are a few of my faves from my favorite shops:

13115637f307ff81319c44cac92de7da IMG_2696_1024x1024 KK_iJ-3pnpZdUK5oTxtjNVm1zgkq5e2-LqXdqo5owIU-400x600

Hope’s                                            Obsession Boutique                                  E’s Closet

1393dac99f8ef14fc1f7c73ad3c0bc4diadoreyou1-500x500 1f3500d01138c5ca84af481eba1434bb

The Flaunt Shop                                                 The Flaunt Shop                                  Rich Girl Rags

Did you know The Flaunt Shop has an LBD Pinterest board? Click here to follow TFS!

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Next up lets cover jeans. I am a firm believe in covering all bases when it comes to jeans meaning, purchasing light wash, dark wash, distressed, skinnies, boot cuts, boyfriend jeans, everything. I’m on the petite size so its a bit of a struggle to find jeans that fit me correctly yet aren’t too big in the waist or in the leg. Here are a few of my faves:

3pants_main_d4f52cd4-1716-46f8-acdb-6cbf7a5f5ae7_1024x1024 2jeans_main_1024x1024 9jeansmain_large

Hope’s                                                Hope’s                                                      Hope’s

PS: I have all three pairs of these jeans and they literally fit so perfectly it’s sick.

Shoes are essential. Boots. Wedges. Heels. Sandals. Get them all. Maybe not all at once but get them. Nothing is more frustrating then creating the perfect outfit and not having the shoes you need to go with it, trust me I’ve been there. Throughout the year I pick up the shoes I need when they’re on sale. Essential to every wardrobe is a good pair of black heels and a pair of nude heels but generally my rule is to get black and brown in every style; a pair of black riding boots and a pair of black, the same goes for wedges and sandals. I also have supplemented my shoe collection with both a high cut and a low cut pair of Sperrys, gold and tan sandals, and of course a pair of Jack Rogers! A tip: sandals are usually on sale either right before fall or winter and boots can be found at ridiculously low prices right around the start of summer. You’re welcome.

2shoes_main_812d1226-721f-4c84-a42e-f1e32ce16478_large 10heels_main_large 1boots_main_88674dbb-8a3e-4467-a37e-c28b5bde28e5_large 6shoesmain_large

Hope’s                                                   Hope’s                                                       Hope’s                                           Hope’s

Finally there are the little things: a white oxford, a denim shirt, those slouchy sweaters that are perfect for layering, leggings, and of course accessories. Remember the key to building a wardrobe that can take you from the classroom to the boardroom or well, the real world is to pick up these staple closet pieces when you see them on sale! Where do I shop? CLICK HERE to see my favorite brands!

Now that we’ve built the perfect closet, let’s look at some perfect bid day and big/little reveal pictures!

562766_450805881609195_1818281543_n bidday4 photo (4) ZTAbidday3 photo (2) 532105_649567015054062_2010228977_n

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PS: I did my very first interview with a very lovely Sigma Kappa from Sorority Stylista read it HERE

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