Littles Equal Craft City


About a month or so ago I encountered four girls that I really connected with. I’m something of an odd, at times awkward, but complex person so its not very often I meet someone that really gets me let alone four someones. As I got to know them I found myself absolutely adoring them and about a week ago I got to call them mine, my perfectly gorgeous Littles!

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Littles are like that little, no pun intended, bit of sunshine in your life. No matter what time of day I know that one of them is there to chat and on the other side of things, I have my big and all I’m gonna say is there’s perfection, and then there’s my big. But who doesnt feel like that?! More importantly the addition of littles means crafting time. Exactly 24 hours after welcoming my new babies, I found myself in the middle of Michael’s picking up fresh bottles of glossy and matte modge, paint, glitter, or anything that was even remotely sparkly.


I’ve spent all week planning, plotting, and gathering both tools and ideas but today I am giving yall a peek at my super secret Lush Fam craft board, and pinning a few of my favorites on to my public Crafty board.


So if you aren’t already following it


Welcome to the Holy Grail and my little black book of crafts specifically pinned for my big and now, my brand new set of Quads.

First, the Lilly Pulitzer section, on some level I have to think my lits know they will have a few LP themed items. Duh.

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Every single one of these items can be made with a little modge, an old Lilly planner, and a ton of planning. Trust me, map these babies out and measure!

Being that we are the Lush Fam I have to include a few drinking devices right? what kind of big would I be if I didn’t?

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Finally there comes a special moment when you get that surge of crafty powers and you create two of the most sacred items a big can give her little: a cooler or a paddle…..or both. Here are some of my favorites

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So cute I can’t even deal. So get on Pinterest! Better yet get on my Pinterest! Or search right here for craft ideas! CLICK HERE

As usual, I’ve got a brand new group of photos to share with you today and even some pictures from big/little reveals all over!

bidday (2) bidday2 (2) 1176131_225801097574343_550661092_n (2) big3 big biglittle zta ztabidday5 biglittle2

Apparently ZTA loves SFGP. Good thing I adore yall too ❤

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