Shoegasm Saturday–Bow Hard Or Go Home

I love bows. I consider them my own personal tiara. But when I’m not wearing a bow on my head, there’s a 95% chance I’m wearing one somewhere else. Bows are big this Spring on clothes, bikinis (shop the brand new bowtastic bikinis from TFS), so why not on your shoes too? Apparently this isn’t a new or foreign concept.

f41587b824dc466b77d16c09d354ec79 e0e4163989a37e31bb3428c1cb818b7b b8bcbfb62b2e0e05a823b340c162236f 935529c099643fb19ec43315a2a6b7f8 25788c79fd6b7865f5d60446e66c7da1 223d4002ba0bd85780755e99c5fe7d19 3538d9fbb44e03d73273af0a75ecf484 58fe3df62b2299432c4b53b661ebb6bd 85a6e21c8a65100cb941da29afd6a310

Did you die? I died.

For details on these and more shoes, follow my Shoegasm board on Pinterest or check my Likes!


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