Make It Monday–The Glitz Glass

I have a love/hate relationship with glitter. I mean its gorgeous but I am literally still finding it on my floor from my Christmas crafting sessions. It’s beautiful but eternally present no matter how much you scrub, clean, vacuum, etc. As much as I complain, I do love the sparkle it adds and the ability of glitter to make any boring piece better.

What’s life without a little sparkle?

Today on MLP we’re adding a little glitzy to our stem wear, so break out those boring glasses and grab your modge podge!


So pretty right? Let’s get started.

First, you must prep your work station, remember what I said about glitter? Well don’t even get me started on modge, sticky little thing it is, but then again it is glue. Prep your crafting corner by laying down a few layers of old newspapers. After you’ve laid down your newspapers, grab a shoe box. Weird? Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense once we get started. Next up, gather your supplies: you’ll need a glass, or several, wine, martini, margarita, whatever just get some. Next, grab your glitter, a sponge painters brush, and your modge podge. I use matte modge, but glossy is also acceptable. Remove any price tags or stickers from your glass, I mean that’s just tacky so just take it off. When you’re removing the sticker, remember that slow and steady will get it off easier and smoother as opposed to the band-aid method. After you’ve taken the sticker off of your glass, you’re ready to get started!


Paint a thin layer of modge podge on the stem of your glass. Now, when I say thin I mean thick enough so that it is now white as opposed to a clear stem, but not so thick that it’s dripping off. It should look like this:


Once you have the modge on it, place it in your shoebox while you grab your glitter. Of course I’m doing multiple glasses, duh. Now, hold your glass directly above the box and completely cover the modge podged stem in glitter, rotating the glass as you shake on glitter. I mean really pour it on there. Once it’s completely covered lightly tap the sides of your glass to shake off excess glitter, DO THIS OVER THE SHOEBOX. Cover any non-glittered spots and again lightly tap the sides to remove excess glitter and place it on the cover/top of your shoebox and let it dry.



Pour yourself a drink and turn on the RHOBH this is gonna take a while to dry.

Once your glue has dried, apply another thin layer of modge podge over the glitter. Don’t worry if some of the glitter looks like its falling off, it’s not, you’re applying glue so it’ll stay on, duh. Again, let this dry completely and do not rush it with a blow dryer. For that last step I usually let mine dry overnight just to be sure it’s perfect.

Once it’s dry fill it with wine and enjoy!

photo (6)

Remember that these glasses are now HAND WASH/HAND DRY ONLY. Stick it in the dishwasher and your glitzy glass will be ruined. To clean up your craft station, tap the excess glitter into the corner of the shoebox lid and gently tap it back into to glitter container. I mean why waste it right? Then simply fold the corners of your newspaper inwards and toss it! Simple right? Until next Monday!



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