Shoegasm Saturday–The Little Black Shoe

Shoegasm Saturday is BACK! Finally getting back to my regular daily posts, after a much needed hiatus! I took a little mental health day today and what’s my favorite thing to do on MHD’s besides getting a little manicure with a side of sush? Looking at gorgeous shoes, of course darlings! This week I’m obsessing over the LBS, the Little Black Shoe. Like the LBD it’s classic, timeless, and a closet staple, if you don’t have any, get them, and thank me later. Personally? I have several pairs:

dd77e8c4338011e3ae6922000ae902d1_8200 201

Here’s a few of the ones in my imaginary shoe closet:

f98136d16fe7e30f949e8124b0caf2b4 e5f1a1549b9cd0e52f79036ae564ba92 cc39d9bdf03b9480befee8f9beb4dc00

 6b622cbf29bbcce459ce2dabe2ea45e8 2ebe9dbd33ccfdc95e77df676984d0f9 0ed71613d282ab332faec82ca036a9ab

Beautiful, aren’t they?

For details on these and more shoes, follow my Shoegasm board on Pinterest or check my Likes!


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