In Case You Missed It!


I missed you guys! I’ve been running around like a crazy person lately and totally slacking on the blogging

I know.

First off I hope all you had a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year etc etc. Mine was awesome! I spent some much needed time with my family and of course got killer presents! No I wont be posting all of my presents.

Because tacky. 

Anyway I wanted to catch yall up on everything that’s been going on before I dive into all of the fun things I have planned for this year! First off I WENT TO VEGAS! Yes! As part of my The Flaunt Shop Socialite duties, I took my talents to the West Coast and stayed at the fabulously beautiful Palms


Isn’t that view just astounding?

While in Vegas, we lived up to our motto of “work hard, play harder” and spent our first full day in a meeting, but finished off the night at the opening night of Ms. Britney Spears at Planet Hollywood.


Stop. I know. I died. 

Next up, we spent the day post Britney traipsing around Vegas shooting our Spring 2014 line. Here’s a peek….

JK, but it does come out on Monday and you can get teeny little peeks on the TFS Facebook page

Trust me they’re to die for.

PS: The TFS Semi-Annual Sale is going on now!


Use my code for an extra 10% off! SOFLAGRL

After Vegas, I came home to my adorable little psychos


I did a post Vegas Cleanse (get yours and cleanse with me

photo (25)

Most importantly I spent New Years Eve with my family which was perfection and then my sink fell in.


Don’t ask me how, but it did. After I fully freaked out, I stuck a crate/books under it, and called for HALP. Much to my surprise I was informed that it couldn’t be fixed until I removed the 10+ years of junk under it.

Naturally, hilarity ensued.

Here’s the before:


And here’s the during:

059 060 061 062 063 064

Of course I live tweeted are you surprised?

Here’s the after:


Update: They sent the wrong guy for the job. I know. FML right?

Anyway, regular posts will resume soon I promise! I’m planning my own little Greek week full of all kinds of sorority themed crafts, mixer ideas, and of course I’m ending it with the giveaway of all giveaways.

So which sorority wants to adopt me?

Until then follow me everywhere else!







Lucky Mag:

Ya I’m basically everywhere, It’s fine.


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