Layover is a dirty word.

I’m officially out of SoFla and I miss it! Flying is like my least favorite thing but knowing that Vegas is the end result makes it way more tolerable. So I walked nearly a mile but I’m finally at my new gate patiently/anxiously awaiting the arrival of my other The Flaunt Shop Socialites + my layover is super long so I figured why not blog amiright? So here I am people watching and kind of shivering? Thank God for peacoats! I’m no cold weather rookie!

These are my thoughts right now: Starbies…too far away or totally worth it? Why is my exboyf commenting on my IG? You can go shave your back now. Should I go to the bathroom now or later? I look so shambly. I wish time would go faster. Do I want to read now or later?

Layover is a dirty word.



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