It’s beginnning to look like Swell-mas!!

These are my favorite kind of posts! 

If I could have anything I wanted from Swell Caroline what would it be? Well buckle up babies, it’s time for this weeks wishlist post: The Swell Caroline edition.


I’m a southern girl, being raised in to Virginia woods my instincts tell me to monogram. Monogram anything that isn’t moving. But monograms are more than that. Think of it the way I do, they are your brand. Why would I wear someone else’s brand when I can wear my own? Am I right? Swell Caroline has SO MANY items that can be monogrammed. Which ones are my faves? Well I’m dying to get my hands on these beauties:

yhst-56958175876457_2179_45576417 ivybracelet

Cut out Monogram Necklace           Ivy Collection Latch Bracelet

swellring rym2ngrsxc4gt3o-ulyqo5bgrapnjowr1qf3nxnfvby

Nautical Monogram Signet Ring    Ivy Collection Pendant Necklace 

Statement Pieces

buebib image.php_3

Valley of The Sun Necklace                       Phoenix Bib Necklace

nl-kennedy-gldaqua-1 snl-tizz-tort

Kennedy Statement Necklace                Tizzy Necklace-Short

Bracelets and Rings

br-louis-gld-gold_1 82381

The Louis Bracelet                                           Champagne Ring

powderbluebracelt 83295

Regis Blue Bracelet                                           Drexel Deco Ring


Remember, when in doubt go with the Swell Caroline gift card


Start shopping!






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