It’s all about the cleanse.

Ever feel a bit bleh? Like something is a bit off in your body? I hate that feeling, no I LOATHE it. Post Thanksgiving I felt like this times like 10,000. So not cute or chic or anything remotely attractive. My hair and skin were dull, I was sluggish, not even an organic pumpkin mask could save me. I felt toxic. On a mission I got online desperately seeking a cleanse. Something easy, effective, and most importantly healthy. Late one night I came across LoseIt Tea. After doing a bit of research and reading Dr. Sara’s story, I knew it was the one for me. LoseIt Tea is made with organic ingredients and is perfect for a girl on the go! So which one am I using? The 21 day detox of course!

This kit comes with the two teas you see here and a Litlicious healthy recipe guide which is FULL of yummy recipes.


I’m sure you’re all wondering how my experience has been. Well it has been AWESOME. I feel great so far! I started my morning on Friday with this little pouch of lemony goodness:


And it tastes just as delicious as it smells.

After I had my morning cup of Lose It I went to the gym. Now, when I go to the gym I usually want to die after the first like 10 minutes on the elliptical but I swear I looked up and 30 minutes had gone by! I have so much energy after my morning tea it’s such a huge change for me!

Bye bye sluggish Sally, amiright?

At night, around midnight, it takes me forever to fall asleep, I have a mug of this:


Yes. This is yummy too! I know!

I know what you’re probably thinking, “ooh umm a colon cleanser at night?” No, I had the same reaction but it’s not like you’re popping six extra strength laxatives. Not at all. This cleanser is a gentle cleanser. Its not like a laxative in that it wont leave you having to bolt to the bathroom minutes after you drink it, no. Instead I felt fine, a normal ahem movement the next day in the morning, but that was all. More importantly I think my nighttime mug of CleanseIt might be helping me sleep better? I’m not sure but I do know that I am sleeping through the night more soundly and waking up less groggy.


Buy it. After only three days my skin is noticeably clearer like, brighter and clearer. Example, I went to Sephora today and the woman matching Mama’s makeup asked me how many coats of BareMinerals I was wearing, and then insisted I was lying when I told her it was just ONE light coat. I feel so much less sluggish (if that makes sense) than I usually do and surprisingly, naps are now optional for me….not mandatory! Shocking right?

I love this cleanse so much I need you guys to try it. Obsess with me and get it NOW!

Remember, if you’re not cleansing, you’re yellowing.









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