Meet Packed Party At Your Doorstep!

So I saw this brand on what I lovingly refer to as the Holy Grail of Betchdom @betchesluvthis and was instantly impressed. I like to think of myself as the Queen of Care Packages but when I saw this picture,


I reluctantly abdicated the throne.

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the ladies of Packed Party.

After fully stalking them on every form of social media, I decided to try my luck and shoot them an email. As I typed out my email practically begging them to let me do a feature, I thought, what are the odds they’ll actually say yes? I mean, they were just mentioned by THE Betches. No way right? In the subject of my email to them I put, I kid you not, “The only blog you’ll ever need to read.” I mean go big or go home right?

Once I finished spazzing out over the fact that they agreed to a tiny interview I sat down and came up with only the most crucial questions. Break out a pen and paper/open up your notepad app and take notes, you’re about to learn everything you ever wanted to know about Packed Party.

First of all, Jordan, the original party girl is 23, hails from Dallas, Texas and is super sweet! Jordan has always had a passion for event planning and in college she planned and ran the philanthropy events for her sorority, KKG! Jordan founded Packed Party after a dream she had about sending themed party packages to yourself or someone else. So crazy right? Here’s the deal, after moving across the country all by her lonesome for work; like anyone else, Jordan was a bit sad. After an emotional “pity party”, a vivid dream of sending themed packages to yourself or someone else, a few days, and a lawyer, Packed Party was born.


Brand new and based out of San Francisco, California, Packed Party allows you to send themed party packages to yourself or a friend to have a party for one! All of their packages are available on their website Packages come with 3-4 hand-picked items that center around the theme of the party, example: a brass knuckles phone case for their “You Don’t Need Him Anyway” package or “Birthday Suit” nude nail polish in the “Birthday Beb” package (each package costs $45.00 a piece plus shipping and handling). Sounds pretty legit right? That’s not even the best part, all items in the packages are kept a surprise as to add to the fun of receiving, so great right? I know my favorite part of sending someone something is the genuine surprise and delight they have when they open it. While they do provide teasers on social media, each package comes with a letter-pressed poem stating what the party is, why it’s been sent, and whom it’s been sent from.


Currently Packed Party offers 5 packages:

-Pity Party Packed Party

-You Don’t Need Him Anyway Packed Party

-Birthday Beb Packed Party

-Miss You, Bitch Packed Party

-You Pampered Thing, You Packed Party

But don’t worry, they have lots more up their sleeve.

At the end of my interview I ask Jordan if there was anything else she wanted to tell me about Packed Party, here’s what she had to say:

“My hopes for these packages are that they bring a smile to anyone who sees them on their doorsteps. I can’t tell you how many amazing emails I have gotten in just a short month saying they changed someone’s day who’s starting chemotherapy, or made someone smile for the first time in a month after a hard break-up. I think these are feel good packages, and it truly is a matter of people helping people celebrate every day life situations (because we’re all going through them). I’ve branded myself as “The Original Party Girl” not because I’m the most fun at a party! Today’s image of a “Party Girl” is the girl dancing on the table slinging beers-this though is not at all what we’re talking about when we say “party girl”. A “party girl” as defined by Packed Party is the girl that’s kind enough to send one to a friend in need, and confident enough to know when it’s time to throw herself her own party-she doesn’t need an excuse.”

I know, it melted my icy little heart too. 

Embrace your inner Party Girl, or send a Packed Party to a friend in need! A little party never killed nobody…..








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