Got A Secret, Can Ya Keep it?

My friends and especially my KMSS sisters come to me with skin, hair, and beauty questions. Now I’m not saying my skin is flawless but I will say that I never get a single pimple or zit…ok I’m lying I get one per month and I swear I have a nervous breakdown every single time. So WHAT IS MY SECRET?! Well buckle up betches, I’m spilling it all.

First up, hair. I have the most unruly hair. Sometimes it’s curly, sometimes it’s dry, sometimes it’s oily, and sometimes every single time it’s a battle just to tame it. Until I discovered Andre Jourdan hair care. Their organic ingredients and scientifically formulated products have changed my life. Got wild curls? There’s a system for that. Want to cut your straightening routine in half? They’ve got you covered! Shop Andre Jourdan now!

Remember when I reviewed some of their products? Read my full review here!

Next up is a big one, skin! Thankfully I’ve always had pretty good skin, but as I got older I noticed that it got more and more sensitive. I mean like I had to start reading the ingredients in face washes and moisturizers and defining each ingredient, sensitive. Benzoyl Peroxide? No. It literally would burn the skin off of my face. Not even exaggerating. How awful right? I switched to Aveeno moisturizer for a while because if it’s good enough for Rachel Green, it’s good enough for me right? WRONG. Cover Girl makeup used to be a favorite for a while and then I woke up with teeny little bumps lining my forehead. UNACCEPTABLE. I honestly wanted to cry and for a long time I did. A few summers ago I tossed it all. My makeup, my moisturizer, my cleanser and toner…..EVERYTHING. I needed a change. First up, I started to drink more water. Thankfully, I’ve always been a big water drinker most likely because my coaches drilled it into us to stay hydrated. I began to see a change! My absolute favorite water that I can’t live without is this:


Cut up 2 lemons, half of a cucumber, and 10-12 fresh mint leaves. Add that to a large pitcher of very very cold filtered water. Let it sit overnight. Drink daily. It’ll change your life.

Next, I had to find makeup. Many people don’t realize that wearing makeup is a good thing if you’re wearing the right kind. Makeup acts as a barrier between all of the disgusting toxins/garbage in the air and your skin. How? Well instead of all of the grossness sitting on your skin it sits on your makeup and then at night what do we do? WE WASH IT OFF! For make up it had to be light, I can’t do cake face. Nope no way refuse to cake on makeup everyday and refuse to wear liquids. Off I went to the all knowing ladies at Sephora. I explained my problems, sensitive not to mention frequently oily skin. Bleh, and they pointed me towards the hallowed black and white wall of Bare Essentials. During my color match and subsequential full makeover I swear I could hear angels singing. It was light, airy, provided full coverage, and I was in love. Without hesitation I picked up the Get Started kit and walked confidently to the cashier. So long cake face.  Finally, I went on the hunt for a cleanser, I stuck to organics with little or no chemicals and I finally found the one! Burt’s Bees Soap Bark & Chamomile deep cleansing cream. It smells like nature giving you a hug and no Benzoyl Peroxide! Also pick up the Facial Cleansing Towlettes because sometimes you crawl into bed before washing your face and that is no bueno, also lazy. Before you moisturize you need a toner/astringent. Before you waste a bunch of money on some crap in a bottle, look for the section of the store where they sell alcohol, no not like wine and vodka, I mean the rubbing alcohol. Now skip the rubbing alcohol and pick up the Witch Hazel. Never heard of it? Well get ready for it to change your life. Sometimes when we wash our faces we don’t get all of the junk off. Disgusting I know but trust me a little bit of witch hazel on a cotton ball before you moisturize makes all of the difference, and no it doesn’t matter what brand you get. Now to moisturize, brace yourself, you’re going to wonder why you didn’t think of this, Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion. Yes. The one that comes in the pink bottle and is made for babies. Think about it, it’s perfect for sensitive skin because it’s made to be gentle for babies and honestly have you ever felt a baby’s skin? It’s like touching velvet.


So where can you pick up half these things? Target. Oh and while you’re there, pick up some Essie, Softsoap body wash, red or white wine (JK both duh), and of course an extra hot venti soy three pump chai latte with 1 pump of pumpkin spice, no foam. Make it a spa day, you deserve it betch.



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