Monograms and Lilly, The Perfect Combo.

First of all, its the last day to enter my Memento giveaway. So go do that now. CLICK HERE!

Done? Ok now let me share something with you that you might not know….DID YOU KNOW THAT MEMENTO SELLS LILLY ACCESSORIES TOO?! PLUS THEY CAN MONOGRAM THEM!

I know.

Just look at the gorgeous case the lovely ladies made for me:


I died.

But its not just phone cases, no kittens, they have koozies, coffee tumblers, tumbers with straws, those super cute agenda sticker sets, and gift sets too!

iphone_cases_Lilly__05957.1380498608.208.175 lilly_acrylic_tumblers__36873.1380503816.208.175 lilly_pulitzer_koozie__22156.1380479227.208.175 (1) lilly_coffee_tumblers__78028.1380482074.208.175

For the complete list of Lilly Pulitzer items sold at Memento CLICK HERE!

Shopping for Christmas gifts? HURRY! December 8th is the cutoff date!


Start Shopping!







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