What’s On Your Memento Wish List?!

I love making wish lists! Usually my wish lists consists of monograms, boys, puppies, and alcohol but today I’m going to give you a closer look at one of wish list must haves: monograms. My general feeling when it comes to monograms is:


But let’s get specific here.


First off we gotta have a spirit jersey. They’re the perfect go to for chilly days plus what better way to show your love for your favorite company?


Plus hellooooo brides…..


Shop Spirit Jerseys here!

Next up on my list is the essential monogrammed necklace. In my opinion, everyone needs one. Whether you’re a cutout classic vine monogram girl or a circle block monogrammed or even a rimmed vine type of girl, Memento has it.

silver_monogram_necklace_3__17025.1374428924.431.338 Silver_circle_TJD_necklace__75698.1374430332.431.338 Silver_BDP_necklace__91452.1374429852.431.338

Personally I’m a classic vine girl. Pick yours here!

The final thing on my Memento wish list is one of their super cute rain jackets! While getting ready for work one day during a torrential downpour I realized that I don’t a rain jacket or poncho or anything. I’m so unprepared I know. What better way to look like the picture of monogrammed perfection and stay dry than with one of these beauties!

eIMG_6871__24718.1378759032.1280.1280 eIMG_6840__50918.1378759030.1280.1280 eIMG_6850__06126.1378759029.1280.1280

Isn’t the pink just gorge? Not to worry it also comes in coral, navy and red.

Gotta have it? Get yours here!

There are so many cute must haves for Christmas over on the Memento website PLUS there are all kinds of Greek girl goodies! What’s on your Memento wish list?!






Don’t forget to enter this weeks Memento giveaway!


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