We All Knew I Wasn’t Done With Giveaways Right?

HAPPY CYBER MONDAY YALL! This is the one Monday of the year I actually enjoy. Who’s been laying in bed all day shopping? I sure have. Wondering where the best deals are? Well lucky for you I put them all in one place and oh yes I’ll be updating it all day long. Find out where I’ve been shopping under the SFGP Does Cyber Monday tab!


Now that we took care of that….We all knew I couldn’t just stop doing giveaways, especially right before Christmas! Plus 9 is just such a bleh number. How about 12? Yes, I’m giving yall 3 more weeks of giveaways!!! STARTING RIGHT NOW! This week I’m teaming up with a brand I obsess over about 5000 times a day, MEMENTO! I adore Memento so much it’s sick. They have everything! Accessories, boots, bags, robes, EVERYTHING! So what are we giving away? Well, a while back I received a gorgeous creme and navy fleece and a jade/turquoise hobo style bag and I literally have lived in both. So I thought…..why shouldn’t yall get them too? YES! TWO PRIZES!! 

Click here to enter!

Cream-Color-With-Navy-Piping-and-Jade-Purse-Vertical2 Cream-Color-With-Navy-Piping-and-Jade-Purse-2


Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my Memento Wish List! Make yours today!






Learn more about Memento in my previous Spotlight Sunday post!


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