And the winner is ME! Kidding of course…

We did it! 9 weeks of giveaways! What a wild ride that was right? A special thank you to each and every single one of my sponsors yall were awesome and it was a pleasure to work together. This past weeks giveaway was sponsored by my favorite bikini company Mprint Swimwear and I swear if I could have picked myself as the winner I totally would have but alas that would have been a no no. So let’s get down to it! The winner of a gorgeous bikini from Mprint Swimwear

photo 2



mp win mprint

Kaylee Dunphy!

Congrats to you Miss. @Kayjo928! We’ll be in touch shortly!!

If you didn’t win check out Mprint Swimwear online and snag yourself the perfect bikini before Spring Break! I hear they’re having a BoGo PLUS FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $100!







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