Thanksgiving Sponsored By Budweiser and Project 12

Before we begin, I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Millennial Central for Budweiser. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

I had heard about it, like you hear about the Loch Ness Monster; but honestly, I thought it was a myth.



Specialty beers?

When I received an email asking me to review not one, but TWELVE specialty beers from Budweiser I thought “I must be hallucinating.” After I sent in all of my information I thought “They’re never going to pick me.” The day the box arrived at my door I cried tears of joy.



Hello lover.

If you’re new to the blog or to me, my mission once a week is to provide my readers with a myriad of new drinks, wines, and beers that I come across through my Thirsty Thursday series or on my Twitter or Instagram. Like most girls 21 or older I love drinking; unlike most girls I love a good whiskey and I ADORE a good beer. With my “box o’ beer” as I affectionately began to refer to it, I received a list of recipes that used each one of the beers, while these I haven’t tried these yet but keep an eye out for them in this upcoming Food Friday posts!

Like any other person I wanted to dive right in but instead I decided to save Project 12 for my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. Thanksgivings at our house are not a formal affair at all, instead they are rather casual. Yoga pants, slippers, alcohol, our favorite foods from childhood, and most importantly, family. Thankfully my family is also big on beer and rather vocal about what kinds they do like and which kinds they don’t like. Personally I’m a lager girl while the rest of my family prefers more of an ale; nonetheless I put on my hostess hat and poured a small sampling of each beer into the tiny sampling glasses included in my kit. Like any good hostess I provided a sample setting to show each person what they were drinking also using items in my kit.

062071 074

It was so cute I swear I could see my trophy wife future flashing before my very eyes.

The three beers were a Beechwook Bock from Columbus, Ohio, a Vanilla Bourbon Cask from Willamsburg, Virginia, and  North Pacific Style Lager from Fairfield, CA.

Being a Virginia girl and a lover of all things bourbon or whiskey, I was naturally drawn to the Vanilla Bourbon Cask but surprisingly it wasn’t my favorite! Shocking I know. While the rest of my family enjoyed the sweet lightness of the Virginia cask, I loved the Beechwood Bock! There was just something about the chocolately and caramel flavor, with a woody aftertaste that had me hooked. I think I’m in love with a bock. But lets not forget about my old favorite, the lager. This North Pacific Style Lager was so beautiful I died. While surprisingly light, it still had that lager after taste that reminded me of a Yuengling but like diet Yuenger? If that makes sense? Anyway, I was more than pleased with each one of these unique beers and much to my delight I saw a case of Project 12 beers for sale in my local Penn Dutch! I am so excited I was given this opportunity and each beer paired so perfectly with all of our turkey day dishes, as usual, Budweiser didn’t disappoint! Thank you Project 12!

To learn more about Project 12 and where you can pick of a case of these three beauties, click here! 

3 beers

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