Shoegasm Saturday–It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Shoemas

I love a good theme, don’t you? See if you can catch this weeks theme.

71a98fb6519835f33b0ef357b4508db3 c3ec9f886a7e6bd63963f065c2d1478e 220d77ac3bcc75283a91c4cd9c59b43c 20e7120e1165102f877bf578e913a564 e0e4163989a37e31bb3428c1cb818b7b 4ab0f67a03ea280eaecca9add0a41562 0301c2caf14d5dc6159b86a6f8dbdf9d 19b70d3524f2df5eeaff7cd47e605446 a6fed66c396b72a886853b1419fade05 11c55d7d0d89fd0442df81e5f2f606bb

Plus a little JCrew never hurts:


Merry Shoemas Betches ❤

For these beauties and more follow my Shoegasm board on Pinterest!

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