I Have Disney Princess Hair!

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably heard me complain about my hair regimen. It takes me roughly 2.5 hours to get my hair slightly straight AND THEN it doesn’t even stay straight! Thanks to Florida humidity I can literally smell my hair frizzing when I walk outside and it smells like all of my hard work going down the drain. My usual hair care routine is your standard shampoo and condition plus a leave in conditioner; then I blow dry, wait a few minutes and run the straightener through it and like I said it doesn’t last. I have tried nearly every shampoo and conditioner on the market, from plain Suave and the new Suave with moroccan oil to Garnier triple nutrition and Pantene. Nothing has worked or shortened my routine. Almost ready to give up I was checking my email one day when I opened one from a salon out of Juno Beach, Florida called Andre Jourdan. Right away I knew they would understand my constant battle for straight hair in the thickly humid climate of South Florida. After fully creeping their website and learning that their products are full of organic ingredients, I decided to give the Prokeratein Shampoo and Conditioner a shot as well as their Straight Glaze.

photo (20)

First of all, it smells like heaven. Like flowers and candy and cocktails. So yes, heaven yall. Next, I only had to use a teeny bit of both! Yes maybe total amount: half a shot glass and with my extensions my hair is LOOOOONGGG yall. Not to mention, that when I washed the shampoo out I wasn’t left with that straw like dry feeling to my hair pre-conditioning. No, no kittens it still felt like hair! Most importantly, I managed to shave about an 45 minutes off of my routine. I nearly cried tears of joy. My hair is super light and feels like silk. Like so smooth and shiny I feel like someone should be petting it. This is how it looks after I put in a little of the Straight Glaze and blow dried it.

photo (21)

I have Disney Princess hair without even breaking out the straightener!

I’m in love and obsessing, I will never use another brand again. Obsess with me and check out the entire Andre Jourdan line.






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