Shoegasm Saturday–The Jack Rogers Edition

I don’t even know how to intro this post except by saying I live in mine. Welcome to the Jack Rogers edition of Shoegasm Saturday. Obsess with me.

028cd2fb4758505708a213c39324c085 48d5f85028b18ffb5a316360c35ee1f3 ad37d47279476e82fb69022e7991f7ef 6e97000d9521f6df818ab4bce4cdd2fb ee6e7284ebbb31b93dd51127bb848daf 3cd7756a05c1a94d161529545d1b85d8 a0393616df4b4fd4258d3883a1290e4f cbe790cef35655bf7500314792e81dd3  526336bf074907232ca5a300d65fdb5a


Aren’t they just beautiful?


These are my babies. I basically live in them.

For these Jacks and more visit my Shoegasm board on Pinterest!


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