If It’s Preppy Or Pink I Probably Need it….Or Already Own it.

In case you missed it, I am so proud to say that I am a Brand Ambassador for this weeks giveaway sponsor PreppyPinkShop! So exciting right?! I know! This week PPS has been sweet enough to donate a $30 credit just for yall! So go enter and then we’ll discuss skirts. ENTER HERE!


Done? Perf. Now before we start remember that this giveaway comees with a special bonus! Because yours truly is a new brand ambassador for PreppyPinkShop yall get a bonus discount code that you can use over and over FOREVER!

photo (16)

Oh yes yall, 20% off when you use the code: SOFLAGRLPROBZ at checkout.

So what can you buy?! ALL OF THE LILLY THINGS! Kidding but not. I mean just look!

il_170x135.469035737_bxu1 il_170x135.475297290_jnnk il_170x135.491410231_dv1b il_170x135.502042428_ar51 il_170x135.510424687_khti  il_170x135.520216975_c7h2 il_170x135.520215585_i6g5 il_170x135.520147712_4okj

Yes, those are Lilly patches on oxfords.

So what are my faves? Come on you knew I was going to save those for last right?

il_570xN.470973540_tchh il_570xN.524371959_scg3

I die for First Impression or Tusk in Sun anything.

Oh and don’t forget your little psychos!


Yes, the doggies too!

Happy Shopping!






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