Spotlight Sunday–PreppyPinkShop Take 2

You know I like a brand when I post about them twice but you know I absolutely love a brand when I become a brand rep for them! That’s right yall I am so very proud to say that I was selected to be a Brand Ambassador for PreppyPinkShop! I’m so excited I could burst! So what does that mean for yall? Well we’ll get to that later but first, lets talk this weeks giveaway. Yes, it is sponsored by PPS but the prize is a good one. This week you’ll be entering to win…….a $30 gift card to the shop!


That’s right yall! You get to choose your own prize! 

But that’s not all! Because yours truly is a PPS Brand Ambassador everyone will be able to take 20% off of their order by using my code: SOFLAGRLPROBZ

photo (16)This giveaway will start tomorrow/tonight at midnight for my night owls and it’s gonna be a good one! Start shopping!






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