Shoegasm Saturday–If You Don’t Have Riding Boots, Is It Even Fall?

I LOVE, OBSESS OVER ABSOLUTELY DIEEEE for riding boots. I mean honestly, if you havent gotten your perfect riding boots yet is it even fall? No. I refuse to let Fall begin until I have perfect riding boots in all shades; black, brown, cognac, JUST GIVE ME THEM ALL.

You know that little sigh you find yourself making as you walk through the shoe section of Saks or Nordies? Ya I make that noise when I look at each and every one of these beauties. Some of them are from Pinterest and some of them are from my favorite brands. So lets get started with the Pinterest finds all of which can be found under the likes on my Pinterest until next Saturday:

Frye ralph lauren

Frye                                                                     Ralph Lauren

sperry tory

Sperry                                                                     Tory Burch

And now the ones you can whip out the credit card for without that awful feeling of buyers remorse:

Caramel__27567.1381526976.431.338 memento black_bow_boots_1__36588.1381804115.431.338

All from Memento and yes the second ones have Greek letters on them from their lovely Greek Life Girls!

f7c1b2596b9bc9c9d295361bc855a0239368c5931c8b1d40bd7846955d5c324e hopes

The Flaunt Shop–PS: I repeatedly die over my black ones.          Hope’s

Couldn’t you just die?

PS: Don’t forget the boot socks.



From Memento

For these boots and more, follow my Shoegasm board on Pinterest!


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