Food Friday–Project Vegas Body

Happy Friday! We’re going to do things a bit different starting today; instead of just any Pinterest recipe I’m going to be sharing my favorite healthy recipes; kind of a peek into what I’m calling Project Vegas Body. Why? Well as many of you  know I am a brand rep for The Flaunt Shop and us TFS Socialites are gearing up for Vegas, I know right? What’s that saying? Work hard, play harder? Anyway, in addition to my impending Vegas trip, I believe in having a bikini body all year round. Being in South Florida, it’s almost always a perfect day for the beach or pool. So let’s start by talking carbs! First of all, carbs are not the devil. The amount of carbs you eat 100% is the real problem. Dieting is about portion control and healthy choices. Instead of the alfredo soaked pasta opt for an herb infused tomato sauce or forego the sauce all together and saute a few veggies! Over the next few months I will be sharing my new and healthy recipes right here and on my IG every Friday. Here are a few of my favorite pasta dishes:

photo 2 photo 120130927-190638.jpg

Spicy Spinach/Tomato Pasta          Spicy Chicken Pasta           Red Chicken Pasta

The Spicy Spinach dish is relatively simple; cook the pasta (penne works best), drain, and saute using zero calorie olive oil spray (Publix brand is my go to), Sliced tomatoes, baby spinach and a dash of cayenne pepper. The second and quite possibly my absolute favorite pasta dish is a specialty of mine, the Spicy Chicken Pasta. As we did before, cook your pasta, drain, and saute using zero cal olive oil spray, and add in sliced tomatoes. Once your tomatoes have softened a bit add in your chicken (for how to cook the chicken and which cut works best, refer to the Red Chicken Pasta recipe), add in a dash of cayenne pepper, cilantro, cover and let simmer. Lastly, I’ve provided the link to a previous Food Friday post where I gave the full and complete recipe for my Red Chicken Pasta dish.

So what have we learned? Pasta isn’t the devil and it’s certainly not evil. Pasta is good and delicious as long as you aren’t eating a pail full for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Remember portion control is key! Until next time!

For healthy recipes and more follow my Pinterest board–SFGP Munchies

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