Make It Monday–How The Neon Barbie Saved Halloween

Still have no clue what to be for Halloween?! Or maybe you just slacked off? Well lucky for you I have not only given you an ENTIRE Pinterest board of nothing but Halloween costumes, but I have also asked the crafting queen of Twitter @TheNeonBarbie to come blog for me today and save the day. Here’s how she made an adorable tutu that can be used in several different costumes. You’re welcome.

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. If I could wear a costume every day and have it be socially acceptable, I would. This ridiculously easy, cheap and fun to make tutu is the perfect solution to any costume dilemma. There are a ton of instructions for these around the internet, but I had trouble finding them for anyone over the age of 3 years old, so hopefully this will help my fellow “grown ups” who still love to play dress up. You can be just about anything you want while wearing a tutu


and if you’ve never worn one, BEWARE, it causes a severe case of FUN.


3-4 Spools of tulle in color of your choice (I used about 2.5-3 spools, but it depends on the measurement of your waist, how long you want your tutu and how many layers of poofy-ness you want!)


Elastic band, or ribbon

Needle and thread

Snaps (for ribbon option only, you will need to sew each snap onto the ends)

1.)   Start by measuring around your waist, wherever you would like tutu to sit, with the ribbon/elastic.

2.)   Sew the ends of the elastic together so it makes the base (it should be a circle). If you chose the ribbon option, sew the snap onto each end of the ribbon and snap together once you are finished.


3.)   Take the spool of tulle, and hold it up to your waist to see how long you want the tulle to fall. The knot you are about to make is going to be tight so this is the one time I will tell you that it’s okay to make a eyeball-ed estimate. I always suggest cutting a longer piece than you think because you can always go back and shorten, but not lengthen!

4.)   Hold on, put those scissors down! IMPORTANT: You are folding this piece of tulle in half, so unfolded it should be double the size of how long you want it to fall.

5.)   Okay now go ahead and cut the piece of tulle.


6.)   Fold in half, place the ribbon/elastic over the top of the folded end, so a loop appears.


7.)   Fold the loop over the ribbon/elastic and pull the ends that are hanging down, through the loop. I used my fingers to pinch the tulle and the ribbon to keep it in place while tightening my knot.


8.)   You can use the  first piece of cut tulle as a guide to measure out each piece you are cutting and ensure evenness. Put it on to be sure that the length is where you want it and repeat steps 5-7 until your entire tutu is full of beautiful tulle.


9.)   WEAR IT and most definitely get into some Halloween mischief.


My roommate and I dressed up as monsters:

photo (10)


Isn’t she just the greatest? Until next time…


PS: Don’t forget to enter this weeks Marley Lilly giveaway!


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