Spotlight Sunday–Marley Lilly

When I say I love this company I mean I really love them. The ladies of Marley Lilly are the hardest working ladies in the monogram business and literally do it all. Monogrammed sunglasses? They have them. Monogrammed sweaters? Done. Monogrammed boots? Yep, riding and cowboy in multiple colors. They. Do. It. All. I love them I really do, I find myself discussing Marley Lilly at length with randoms in Target when all they’ve said to me is “Cute bag!” I can’t help but obsess over them. Naturally I just had to include them in this giveaway series and much to my surprise they offered to donate two yes TWO prizes for this weeks giveaway. I KNOW RIGHT?! So here’s how this will work. The giveaway will run for the normal length of time, but instead of announcing the winner on Sunday at 6PM the first winner will be announced on Saturday at 6PM EST and will win a gorgeous monogrammed Pashmina scarf from Marley Lilly:

photo (1)


On Sunday at 6PM EST the second winner will be announced and that person will win one of my personal ML favorites, a monogrammed fleece vest:

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 5.04.03 PM

How exciting right?! TWO WINNERS! As usual, you will have to enter under the Fall Into Giveaways tab on the homepage of my blog and like I said it will run for the standard amount of time, one week, and will open on Monday or tonight at midnight for all of my night owls! While you wait for this super special giveaway to start check out Marley Lilly online!








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