Food Friday–I kind of like tomatoes sometimes?

Today I’m going to share with yall my favorite favorite super quick salty snack. As I told you guys yesterday, I’ve had some pretty intense migraines that I recently learned have been caused by this insane tendency I have of clenching my jaw while I sleep, I know, how ridiculous right? Anyway, as a result my jaw is pretty messed up and its a bit hard for me to chew; enter the tomato.



Tomatoes are not just for salads! NO. Here’s my absolute favorite snack:

Take a whole tomato, yes a whole one, make sure its big because hello this is your snack and you don’t want to be starving afterwards and craving chips or candy. NO. One whole large tomato. Take your tomato and cut it up, slice it, dice it, julienne it, whatever just cut it up and put it in a bowl that has a top. Sprinkle a bit of salt, pepper, and a teeny bit of cayenne pepper on the top. Next grab a bit of ranch (or really any of your favorite dressing I just happen to prefer ranch for this recipe) but don’t just pour it on, NO! That’s not healthy! Instead, measure out one teaspoon, ONE, that’s all! Any more and you’ll end up with this soupy ranch liquid on the bottom of your bowl, so so gross. Now cover your bowl and shake to mix everything, do like a salad shake. Once your tomato slices are all covered you’re ready to eat! Enjoy!

For more recipes head over to my Pinterest food board!

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