Make It Monday–Crafting With Pumpkins!

As I’ve said, October is my favorite month! The best part? Carving pumpkins duh! But of course, you don’t always have to carve your pumpkins, you can paint them too! On today’s Make It Monday post, we’re going to explore all of the different ways you can let your personalty shine this holiday season.

First up carving! Before you break out the knife and dive right in take a second and stop. Like all crafts, carving requires just a little bit of planning! Print out your stencil, cover your work space with newspaper or  plastic, and grab a container for those seeds and pumpkin guts. Remember, planning leaves less room for errors!

While browsing Pinterest for carving stencils I came across an entire site devoted to Disney themed pumpkin stencils! I KNOW! From Cinderella to Perry the Platypus this site has them all!


Just click this link: Disney Pumpkin Stencils

Next up, let’s talk modge podging and bedazzling your pumpkin. This option is totally fine and perfect for all of you teachers and office girls out there! When bedazzling a pumpkin, make sure you look for jewel glue; you don’t want the gems to fall off and definitely use a waterproof sealant if you’re displaying your masterpiece outside!


Now. Let’s talk modge. Yes you can modge podge yourself a Lilly pumpkin! Who says you can’t?! I mean just look!


I know right? Click here for directions: Lilly Pulitzer Pumpkin

Finally, you knew I was going to have to show you how to create a monogrammed pumpkin right? Right. Now after searching and searching, I believe I have found the easiest way to make the perfect monogrammed/glittery pumpkin!


Isn’t it just gorgeous? Find the step by step instructions here: Monogrammed Glitter Pumpkin

Pumpkins are just so perfect. For these crafts and more visit my crafty board! Crafting with SFGP

Don’t forget to enter this weeks giveaway! 


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