Shoegasm Saturday–Flats are Acceptable, Kitten Heels Are Not.

The great Rachel Zoe once said, “I have one rule about shoes, buy them.” There is nothing I hate more than seeing a girl look like Bambi on ice as she tries to walk in her heels. Why aren’t you testing your heels ladies? Why aren’t you breaking them in? You don’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive first, so DO NOT wear your heels out until you’ve broken them in! Spend at least two days post purchase in them; cook, clean, do laundry, do everything in your heels because chances are you’re gonna be drunk in them at some point! But if you’re in a pinch and aren’t up to the heel challenge do us all a favor and step away from the kitten heels, you aren’t five, and instead opt for a chic and classy pair of flats. Here are a few of the beautiful flats I stumbled across today.

9178f40c7dc5ec0a439d1dc1b5d8a027 4013c3b2905543b1892e3bb583862fe9 Anthro

Hermes                               Tory Burch                                                    Anthropologie

Antro burberry Chanel


Anthropologie                      Burberry                                    Chanel

Charlotte Olympia Chatelles Chloe Vince Camuto


Charlotte Olympia                           Chatelles                       Chloe                                       Vince Camuto


Remember, either put in the work or put on the flats.


For these shoes and more follow my Shoegasm Pinterest board!


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