Food Friday–Is Chai a Carb?

First let’s take care of this weeks business, it’s the last day of my Kiss My Southern Sass giveaway! Go enter before we get started!

Done? Ok now. Today we’re gonna talk chai. Now some of you may say “Whoa, wait chai is not food!” and you’re right, chai is not food, in fact chai is life. Learn it. Live it. Be it. I love chai. I OBSESS over chai, I’m actually on my second cup of vanilla chai as I write this, namaste. But which chai is the best chai? First off, there are soooo many different kinds so lets break it down. There’s the traditional tea bag chai: Tazo, Bigelow (go for vanilla, spiced, or green all personal faves), Celestial Seasonings also makes a chai, the list goes on and on. PS: Tazo also makes a already brewed liquid version which is equally yummy. I usually “dress” my chai with a little stevia and a splash of vanilla almond milk.

OK so here’s the fun part. You might be wondering how you can get that Starbucks venti extra hot soy three pump chai latte flavor at home. Well, let me introduce you to my secret weapon:


Mocafe Precious Divinity Chai

I swear on Chanel, with the first sip you will swear you’re having Starbies. I like to sprinkle a bit in my smoothies too but the best part? There’s no need to add ANYTHING! No sugar, no stevia, no soy or almond milk. Just one scoop and some hot water! There are also instructions for an iced chai right on the can! I know. I always always ALWAYS keep at least two cans of the vanilla chai on hand and one regular. So where can you get it? Straight from the source or on Amazon but sometimes you can even find it hiding on the shelves at places like Home Goods or even Ross. Random right? Did I change your life? Secrets out.



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