KMSS Does Life Accessories

First of all go enter this weeks giveaway:

Now, any chance I get to brag about Kiss My Southern Sass is a good one. As yall know I’m borderline obsessed with my KMSS family and if I know anything about any of them is they love a good accessory! Accessories are everything right?! KMSS has you covered!

From koozies and shot glasses

Screen_Shot_2013_04_26_at_7.02.21_PM__67819.1367017410.220.290 Screen_Shot_2013_04_28_at_9.43.22_AM__49286.1367156648.220.290 Screen_Shot_2013_04_28_at_9.43.28_AM__84366.1367156688.220.290  Screen_Shot_2013_04_28_at_9.45.43_AM__40651.1367156767.220.290Screen_Shot_2013_04_26_at_7.06.16_PM__54886.1367017589.220.290Screen_Shot_2013_04_26_at_7.09.56_PM__94518.1367017817.220.290 Screen_Shot_2013_04_26_at_7.13.45_PM__15416.1367018048.220.290

To decals and croakies

 Screen_Shot_2013_03_28_at_11.16.04_AM__42355.1367015330.220.290 Screen_Shot_2013_05_31_at_9.39.35_PM__24700.1370091527.220.290Screen_Shot_2013_04_26_at_6.36.54_PM__69811.1367015835.220.290Screen_Shot_2013_04_26_at_6.53.50_PM__81213.1367016889.220.290



Everything taste better out of a mason jar yall!

So start shopping!


and obviously you should email me if you need help placing your order!


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