On Monday’s We Do Giveaways!

We all knew this was coming right? I am so excited to bring yall this Kiss My Southern Sass giveaway you have no idea! I absolutely adore working for KMSS and side note I just realized I’m wearing my “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink” KMSS pullover.


Do you love your job as much as I do?

Kiss My Southern Sass has so many cute things! I don’t even know where to begin! Let’s start with the basics today, tanks and tees.

 Screen_Shot_2013_06_01_at_8.44.37_AM__94543.1370091053.220.290 Screen_Shot_2013_04_27_at_3.11.47_PM__06647.1367089947.220.290 Screen_Shot_2013_04_27_at_1.22.01_PM__48813.1367083372.220.290  Screen_Shot_2013_04_27_at_1.20.01_PM__52198.1367083231.220.290 Screen_Shot_2013_04_27_at_3.08.35_PM__77456.1367089742.220.290 Screen_Shot_2013_04_26_at_3.42.56_PM__29563.1367005442.220.290 KMSSEditNOW__80400.1370091343.220.290MericaShortSleeve__14849.1370093384.220.290 Screen_Shot_2013_04_28_at_9.35.28_AM__84361.1367156190.220.290

The last one is our giveaway this week! Enter Under the Fall Into Giveaways tab!

OF COURSE KMSS has something for the Sorority girls! In addition to our Big/Little tanks new this year are Grandbig tanks! I mean lets face it, if big says no just ask G!

Fall_Line_3__66769.1378992679.220.290 Screen_Shot_2013_04_27_at_1.18.33_PM__93909.1367083145.220.290 Screen_Shot_2013_04_27_at_1.16.41_PM__96953.1367083058.220.290

So cute right?!

For these tanks and more check out Kiss My Southern Sass online!

For help with ordering just email me! Soflagrlprobz@yahoo.com


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