Make It Monday–Lets talk Modge.

Ok so I’ve decided to do something a little bit different for today’s Make It Monday post. Instead of making a craft we’re going to talk about the all powerful Modge Podge. I love Modge. I adore it, no I obsess over it. A little modge a little glitter and even the ugliest item is transformed into crafty perfection. But upon walking into Michaels and making my way to the modge aisle I came across a young crafter with the same look in her I had when purchasing my first jar of Modge Podge: Which one do I get? Naturally I called Big in a frenzy. WHICH MODGE DO YOU BUY?! When in doubt or when you can’t get in touch with your Big fast enough, turn to Pinterest and Google. Lo and behold I found it. Everything you ever wanted to know about Modge Podge. You’re Welcome.

Mod Podge

For crafty tips and ideas–


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