My Virtual Southernly Stated Closet

If I had an unlimited Southernly Stated shopping spree the first thing I would buy is obviously The Pelican but why buy it when you can win it! Go enter before we get started–


Done? Ok now lets build my Southernly Stated closet. First off I would have to have the VA “Where my story begins…” tee, because that is where my story began! In the woods of Virginia on 5 acres of land I became who I am today. Did I mention there are tons of other states too? YES! (L-R) Virginia, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, West Virginia, Louisiana, and of course Mississippi!

Image7_014527c4-a1cf-4a43-8143-c5864c554653_largeImage1_9f142561-106d-463b-b639-81aecf3802bc_large Image4_9e730142-ba52-4c30-b795-50828605b06a_large Image5_04af0f34-7859-494c-98a7-fb650e24d5d5_large Image6_565fc845-7110-4f3c-b4f0-2cfee5ab922b_large Image8_54e3c107-ea10-453f-978b-2401c0e3cc0e_large Image9_7e3707b8-4120-4319-923f-0b7c23c20dbf_large Image10_6f756ba0-37a0-47d3-93cd-043ebc237df2_large Image11_30bae3dc-8df8-4b44-b22e-963685a8e8ed_large Image12_3e1d8932-6a4d-4520-a2b4-35ff1f74a289_large Image13_large Image15_large

Next, I would absolutely have to have a few more red, white, and blue tops! In addition to my “Boots Class” tank, I would add the “Strong, Tried, and True” tee because lets face it, it’s perfection. PS it also comes in a tank.

Image11_large September Pics 182 Image14_large

Finally I’d need some gameday tees. Southernly Stated has a gameday tee for just about every school!

Image2_14f330c6-4b4c-4826-9b8c-992cc7986361_large Image3_1b96a8fd-6af3-482e-8835-a06d310979c7_large Image5_7aae86e9-34cf-484b-a601-aee8d807621b_large Image8_b1d24208-a861-447d-b3a0-88bfe69cd01a_large Image11_0c847952-6054-4320-b06f-b0d2eaf77852_large Image13_8bdfe271-3df9-4ff2-899c-f0e1f678b2fc_large Image15_85e66d61-b69b-4a76-a45b-c05c2a1a7c47_large Image17_large Image19_dbd7da0d-46ec-4739-82f6-58b8a2dd6449_large Image21_829bb604-c9d0-4cd3-a0b5-16464f5d072a_large Image23_a80b7bee-7a97-42cc-9714-4ffdd00c8e37_large Image25_94b860ed-25e4-4607-b32a-efc967fd0fc6_large Image27_b0221cf2-97b9-4b6f-b265-332fcd647f08_large Purple_largeImage4_0360b513-93c5-4d86-b703-851ac0570611_large

See something you absolutely must have? Head over to their website now to order AND don’t forget that for this week only use the code SOFLAGRL at checkout and get $5 off of your entire order! Happy Shopping!


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