Shoegasm Saturday Goes Pink

October is my favorite month, well besides my birthday month, because it is the epitome of fall but also because its breast cancer awareness month! Cancer has touched my life more times than anyone should ever experience and while I do support any cancer awareness, who could resist the call of pink….it is my absolute FAVORITE color. To show my support I’ve decided to bring you 10 of my favorite pink shoes. Ladies, Shoegasm Saturday is going pink!

First up, you know I’m bringing you the Loubs

4ea637918962b44aea423c107f81b5f8 6c850b5d072248766ca306aaa05635d3 7f7f8b3187e763a2d4cf8729ecb3f74d 24901dd68e7db4a4294cf5fea4935a08 a47625eb5016a31a098b0d5480123e61 db829a08520f65f7ad63eb83b3345252

I know. 

The Non-Loubs

28a9847d555b89db0c6ad1298e81bad0 ddc4aeecb978d06b18e4a2a7dda2c7e7ee8faaf2c4fa567233507832f77a9892f446688845f77168d963c6a24567ad08

                                       Jimmy Choo                             Valentino                                                Le Silla

Save the TaTas. Think Pink.

For these shoes and more–


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